The Fray Theory – Resonance


“The existence of every reality is destiny”…”and which of these gets to be your reality…is free will”

I honestly don’t know how to review this book. It’s so completely different and unique than anything else I have read, and I love it all the more for it. The premise is centered around various theories that are cruelly not revealed until halfway through the book, which essentially means that I was blindly stumbling with no idea what was happening. I just knew things were happening and happening FAST.

I was really impressed by the writing style, which was absolutely beautiful even though it WAS bordering on purple prose at some point. I did feel all the metaphors, similes, and general descriptions kind of detracted from the potential character development, which I personally would have liked to see more of.

Speaking of characters, I absolutely loved Neve, who is one of the main protagonists we get to follow around. She’s beautiful, lovable and sassy, and just overall badass that I took an instant liking to her. She’s studying Neuroscience but she THINKS she wants to be an artist. Her boyfriend disappeared three years ago and she doesn’t quite get along with her parents. What I loved most about her is how she took everything in stride even though she had no idea what was happening for a big part of the book, she just rolled with it. We also get to meet said boyfriend, Dylan(or ex-boyfriend now). He’s wealthy, mysterious and has his moments of darkness. For the most part though he’s sweet and caring. Then there’s Romer. He was by far the most interesting of the three and my favorite. Romer is Dylan’s best friend and like Dylan he suddenly pops back up in Neve’s life after three years. I absolutely loved his dynamic with both Neve and Dylan. He has a great sense of humor despite all the horribleness in his life. He’s bitter and angry but with a good reason. You can practically feel his pain jumping from the pages. He also cares very deeply and is loyal to a fault. I loved the parts from his perspective and I think he has so much potential for the upcoming books. Someone else I liked and was intrigued by was Galen. He’s Dylan’s godfather and a therapist (also closet philosopher?) Despite him being related to Dylan we actually meet him through Neve’s eyes and there’s this one scene during her session with him that I thought he reminded me of a mixture between Morpheus from The Matrix and Dumbledore. He’s the one to shed some light on what’s happening and he did it with so much patience that I found myself asking for more scenes with him.

This whole book is one big mystery for the most part and it might leave the reader a bit confused but then everything starts falling into place and you’re left completely mind-blown. So much of the theories in there resonated with me (see what I did there, hah!) because they’re quite close to what I’ve always thought about the world. Keramati weaves a tale of science fiction and urban fantasy with some really important issues thrown in; from destiny and free will to depression and death. It’s such a spectacular roller coaster and I can’t wait for the next book.

The Fray Theory: Resonance comes out on Aug 31st and you should all grab your copies because there is no way to explain this book (in the same way you’d find it hard to explain Inception) you simply have to read it.

PS. Also, she designed her own cover. How awesome is that??

Untitled design


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