Cover Love Friday

Cover Love


I actually had something else planned for today, however, when I saw that the UK cover for Windwitch by Susan Dennard has been announced I simply had to blog about it.Windwitch_UK-COVER Full disclosure, while I loved the story and characters of Truthwitch I didn’t particularly liked either of the covers. So when the US cover was announced a few months ago I didn’t expect much. Granted I liked that one much more than the first but there was still something off about the whole picture. This one on the other hand is simply perfect! I love that they have decided to keep the original US image of the cloaked figure. It gives off a mysterious vibe. The magic is almost tangible with the falling leaves perfectly representing Windwitchery and that title font is simply stunning.

I am so happy with this cover and cannot wait to get my hands on the book. Sadly, Windwitch doesn’t come out until January 2017!!



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