Review: Fantasy of Freedom by Kelly St. Clare


“…I decide a few things will never change. 

Not my vow that I’ll never be controlled or cowed by another again.

Not my belief that I deserve freedom just as much as any other person.”

I honestly cannot put into words my feelings about this book and this series in general. I would like to thank Kelly St. Clare for writing such an amazing story and for also entrusting me with an advance copy of her awesome book. Reading Fantasy of Freedom was a bittersweet experience for me. On the one hand, I was overly excited to find out what would happen with characters I’d come to love. On the other, I was saddened because this book signified an end to a journey. And boy, what a journey it was! I honestly feel like I have spent years with these characters not the weekend it took me to binge read the first three books. This was a testament to the quality of story I was dealing with here. It gripped me from the first few pages of the first book, where I tried to figure out what rotations/sectors meant, and it didn’t let until the last page of Freedom.

Fantasy of Freedom comes out Oct 10th.

Fantasy of Freedom picks up right where we left off at the end of the third book. Olina is dealing with the physical and emotional repercussions of the battle at the end of Fantasy of Fire. Not only was she severely wounded but she also had to reveal herself to the entire assembly. We now get to see a different side of her, a more vulnerable one but not any less stubborn and I loved how ‘Olina’ that felt. I also particularly enjoyed the development of her relationship with Jovan in this book. Which brings me to JOVAN ❤

Now, full disclosure, I wasn’t sure about that surprise death in book one. That was still fairly early in my journey through the world St. Clare had built, so I was afraid it might have been purely for the shock value of it all. I was never happier for being wrong because I loved the slow build of Jovan and Olina’s romance. A romance that reached it’s apex in Freedom in a way that made me breathless and wanting more. It’s one of those romances that made you glad you stuck by the characters for however many books just to see the resolution. It’s also easy to guess that I absolutely adore Jovan. I know, I know. A lot of people do. He’s tall, strong, handsome and a king to boot, what’s not to love. My reasons, however, are completely different and I may or may not be in the minority here. Usually, alpha maleness annoys me. I don’t like dominance and there were times where Jovan was more than protective. What I loved though was how he managed to push through those feelings, realizing Olina’s strength and need to fight for herself and that is what makes him such an appealing character for me. There is nothing more attractive than a guy who supports a strong heroine, building her up instead of dragging her down with domineering possessiveness.

Apart from the romance, Fantasy of Freedom also deals with a few other loose ends. We finally get to learn who the killer from book one is and even that is enveloped in further treachery. This installment was incredibly fast paced due to the raging war between Osolis and Glacium that had been building up for three books. The action packed scenes were everything I hoped for and more. They were well written and were not used as a substitute for further character development. If anything, it helped characters such as Olandon, grow up even more and overcome their bias towards Glacium. We also learn who Olina’s father is and I am happy to confirm… I TOTALLY KNEW IT!! Overall this book was everything I wanted to see and St. Clare did not disappoint. With her excellent world building and knack for storytelling The Tainted Accords series are sure to stay with me for weeks to come.



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