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I am so thrilled to be part of the tour for Olivia Decoded by Vivi Barnes. It’s the sequel to Olivia Twisted, which came out back in 2013. If you want to learn more about the book and the author read on for my interview with her.


Q: Do you mind telling us a bit about yourself?

VB: I’m originally from Texas but now live in Orlando, FL with my husband, three kids and sweet beagle. My life is a little chaotic, but I still try to find time to write. Usually until one or two in the morning. I’m a little cranky when I have to wake up early. vivibarnes

Q: In Olivia Twisted we saw the world through both Olivia and Z’s perspectives. Can we expect the same in the second book?

VB: Absolutely! Olivia Decoded is told from both perspectives.

Q: Which point of view did you enjoy writing more Olivia’s or Z’s?

VB: That’s a tough one, because I empathized with both equally – Olivia’s foster care situation and Z’s concern for doing the right the thing by doing the wrong thing. But hey, if I have to choose, I’d say I loved writing from Z’s perspective most. He’s such an interesting guy and writing his internal struggle between right and wrong was fascinating.

Q: Why did you choose to write about hackers?

VB: When I first thought about how to do a retelling of Oliver Twist, I wanted to make sure it was relatable for today’s reader. Pickpockets are still around, of course, but I knew making them hackers instead would make it more of a contemporary story.

Q: I find the idea of a female hacker fascinating and I can’t help but think of the debate we have been experiencing in recent years about women in technology or lack thereof. How do we encourage more women to enter the field?

VB: I love that there is such a focus these days on girls going into STEM-related fields. I just passed a sign the other day on the street that said “Girls who code can rule the road!” The more we can encourage girls to enter science and technology fields, the brighter our future will be. I, for one, will be encouraging my daughter to at least learn coding “just in case.”

Q: What is the most likely place to find you when you’re not writing?

VB: Definitely hanging out with my family (when I’m not working). I have three kids in three different schools, so keeping up with all their school work and activities is challenging. So you might find me volunteering at a school dance, in the bleachers at a football game, or learning Spanish with my six-year-old. I don’t sleep much. 😉

Q: Favorite books of all time?

VB: The ones I grew up with – Lord of the Rings, Chronicles of Narnia, Watership Down, The Westing Game. And newer ones, too – The Hunger Games and…of course…Harry Potter!

Q: What was the last book you read?

VB: Every Falling Star by SungJu Lee and Elizabeth McClelland – an incredibly fascinating memoir about a boy growing up in and escaping North Korea.

Q: Final question, what’s next for you now?  

VB: I’m currently working on a middle-grade humorous novel, which I hope to have completed by the end of this year. Harder to write these days with three kids in school!


Book Title: Olivia Decoded (Olivia Twisted, #2)

Author: Vivi Barnes

Release Date: Sept. 6, 2016 olivia-decoded-1600x2400

Genre: YA Thriller

Olivia Decoded Book Synopsis:

This isn’t my Jack, who once looked at me like I was his world. The guy who’s occupied the better part of my mind for eight months.

This is Z, criminal hacker with a twisted agenda and an arsenal full of anger.

I’ve spent the past year trying to get my life on track. New school. New friends. New attitude. But old flames die hard, and one look at Jack—the hacker who enlisted me into his life and his hacking ring, stole my heart, and then left me—and every memory, every moment, every feeling comes rushing back. But Jack’s not the only one who’s resurfaced in my life. And if I can’t break through Z’s defenses and reach the old Jack, someone will get hurt…or worse.

You can now buy Olivia Decoded at any of the following websites:

Barnes & Noble:



Entangled Publishing:

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