The Dark Days Pact: Review

“Is he going to win?” 

“He has offered to help me, and right now I need his help.”

“Is it just his help, or are you going because you wish to be with him?” He leaned closer, face fierce. “Do you love him? Is that it?”

This book just broke me in the best way possible. Every time I read an Alison Goodman novel I am completely unable to start a new book for days after and The Dark Days Pact is no different. I have been eagerly anticipating this book since I first read The Dark Days Club and Alison Goodman did not disappoint. It was so good, in fact, that I went and reread it mere weeks after I finished it the first time. pact

The Dark Days Pact picks up where we left off at the end of the first book. Lady Helen is now officially a Reclaimer in training and a guest of Lady Margaret in Brighton. She is trying to navigate this new world and its politics to the best of her abilities and I loved seeing her struggle to reconcile her upbringing with her new role. I enjoyed her growth as a character and Goodman has done an amazing job with Lady Helen. The world she has managed to build in the first book was incredibly layered and rather unique and I was a bit worried the sequel might not live up to its predecessor. I am so happy that is not the case. The intricacies of Regency society are so well written within the paranormal context of her world I can truly believe there were Deceivers back in 1812.

What I love most about this book is how real Lady Helen feels. Despite her struggles and hesitancy at times (I would have liked to see her tell off the Duke of Selburn when he recklessly endangered everyone!) I truly believe her to be a strong heroine. The biggest surprise for me was her newfound friendship (sort of?) with Mr. Hammond and I found myself looking forward to their scenes together. Also, the romance!!! Can we talk about how deliciously torturous the romance was *sigh*. It is truly a testament to Goodman’s superb writing skills that the mere removing of a jacket can pack so much tension. This scene alone can leave the reader with an almost visceral need for the next installment, which sadly is more than a year away!


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